Author Topic: HONEST QUESTION: would YOU be tempted to manipulate BTC to make HUGE profits?  (Read 35 times)

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I know a lot of people hate market manipulation because most of us don't have the size to affect BTC price. But let's be honest here: suppose you had the power to control the price, would you be tempted to make huge profits by manipulating the price?

2 strategies:
- you sell, btc goes down, you wait until it drops further then you buy cheap and resell after market corrects
- you buy, btc goes up, everybody FOMOs, you sell again

Let's say we're talking about 5% profit you can make per day.

2) you do the same as #1, but with 100x leveraged trading (BITMEX for example). Your profit is 10-100x higher compared to strategy 1, because you use leverage.

Let's say you can make 50%-500% profit here per day (!).

BTW: there are rumours that some big whales actually cooperate and time such events.

Would you guys be tempted to use your powers or would you not bother and let the crypto market grow by itself?