Author Topic: Germany is going to be the Crypto Heaven but Russia Banned- What are the others?  (Read 3 times)

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Dear Forum Members,

Every week I read different news portals to know and enrich the knowledge of Digital Asset Market which helps me to understand the blockchain and crypto sentiment and having a better investment and trade. Last week I have shared the Top7 news and some of you asked to add links on the headlines, so today I'm adding links on my post.

Here is the Top 7 News of last week.

Week:  25 November - 01 December 2019

1. New law makes Germany “Crypto Heaven”
German parliament passed a bill allowing banks to sell and store cryptocurrencies from next year. The new legislation will come into force on 1 January 2020. (Decrypt:

2. Twitter chief Jack Dorsey announces plans to move to Africa
Dorsey tweeted, Africa will define the future, especially the bitcoin one! He began traveling Africa on 8 November and visited Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa (Guardian)

3. 25,000 Blockchain Firms in China Tried to Issue Cryptos
Tens of thousands of Chinese blockchain companies may have tried to issue their own cryptocurrencies, a senior official claims. (Coindesk:

4. Russian Central Bank Mulls New Ban on Bitcoin and Crypto
The Central Bank of Russia supports legislation that would ban the use of Bitcoin in commerce. They believe cryptocurrencies carry significant risks (Daily HODL:

5. Bank of Ghana grants authorisation to issue electronic money
Officials clarified that this is not a form of cryptocurrency or a bitcoin, it is just electronic money backed by currency. (myjoyonline: )

6. Facebook Should Drop Libra and Support Third-Party Stablecoins: EToro
Blockchain researchers at online brokerage eToro have argued that Facebook should look to support third-party stablecoins, not Libra.(Cointelegraph:

7. Saudi-UAE agree to build oil refinery and plan to launch joint digital currency
The two nations agreed to enhance cyber security to prevent attacks and create a digital currency to enable trading between banks in the two countries. (The National:

If you have any suggestions, comment or discussion, Let's discuss it! Can you guess the overall sentiment of last week from the headlines? Is it Positive, Negative or Neutral? What is your opinion?

Mir Rasel,
Digital Lead, Bitcurate ( A Predictive Digital Asset Analysis Startup)