Author Topic: Generational change – the most powerful Bitcoin price catalyst  (Read 2 times)

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Generational change – the most powerful Bitcoin price catalyst
« on: February 12, 2019, 05:40:52 AM »
I have no comments for this article except to say that I agree.

Also, generational change will not only be a price catalyst for bitcoin alone. It might also be a price catalyst for other cryptocoins that might help create a new economy without the banking monarchs and their puppet politicians.

Welcome to the final frontier hehehe.

Kraken VP Austin Alexander

Alexander, who Co-Founded Wall Street’s Bitcoin Centre in 2013, revealed his moment of realisation while speaking to Australian crypto trader and educator Craig Cobb on the Trader Cobb Crypto Show.

“Four years ago now, I was working with some young kids in New York City… They needed to buy some kind of chips or something from China,” said Alexander.

“I was giving them some advice and looking at some plans and stuff and I said ok, you’re going to need to send this big wire over to China to pay for these goods and neither of these kids had a bank account."

“I explained to them what they’re going to need to do and they thought it was a joke, they couldn’t believe how contrived and difficult this process was when all they had known in their short financial experience… All they had known is Bitcoin and Bitcoin works, they trust it and it works and its normal to them.”

He says more Bitcoin price waves like we saw in 2017, will only help the cause.

“Each one of those waves you have more and more people, who at all levels, more people who are becoming introduced to the concept of Bitcoin for the first time.

“Bitcoin is very different, different than anything that has come before, it has overlaps with money, it has overlaps with commodities… The fact is that it’s a brand new file in people’s brains."

“Through the ups and the downs, mind share and the kind of global understanding that Bitcoin exists and the global understanding of the dynamics of Bitcoin, is what makes Bitcoin valuable, that mind share is just increasing and I think with that it’s just going to be normalised.

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