Author Topic: Expert Opinion about Cryptomarket 2019  (Read 66 times)

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Expert Opinion about Cryptomarket 2019
« on: January 11, 2019, 03:07:16 PM »
"This is my first post in 2019.

All last year we saw the fall of the crypto market. What will we see this year? I'll share my thoughts. Last year, regulators from many countries tried to create rules for ICO and cryptocurrency. This significantly influenced the development of the industry.

The market needed changes after the Grand rally at the end of 2017, when a lot of people came to the cryptocurrency sphere. ICO projects appeared like mushrooms after the rain, 99% of them are useless and do not need blockchain and the creation of new cryptocurrencies (tokens and coins). Almost all of these projects thought they could hit the jackpot and easily get tens of millions of dollars after creating the site and white paper. These projects had a negative impact on the development of the market, they did not give a positive ROI for investors who later were disappointed in the ICO market. I can say with confidence that crowdfunding for ICO no longer works and will not work.

I think that 2019 can be called a trend of STO (security token offering), but this type of crowdfunding will not be positive. To start STO requires significant funds to obtain permits from regulators in different countries. This is a new level of ICO evolution. The trend is such that most likely the classic financial market will take the cryptocurrency market and cryptocurrencies will become part of the classic financial market. But for this it is necessary to clear the crypto market from a variety of low-grade and garbage tokens, exchanges, projects. If you are creating a project, then do not make a new token, use existing coins. I personally support this trend and believe that it is necessary to clear the market. Only the strongest will survive. Today, the crypto market is no longer a place to earn easy money.

Many people ask me what will be the bitcoin exchange rate? I think that we will not see X10 bitcoin growth, my forecast is 6000-7000 USD for 1 BTC. The crypto market is still very young and easily subject to manipulation from the outside, Any major player can change the crypto sphere in any direction, because Many companies capitalization more than the entire crypto market." - said Vladimir Nikitin ICObench expert about trends in 2019.

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