Author Topic: Ever wondered on how many days BTC has been above a certain value?  (Read 6 times)

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I was curious how many times BTC has been above 11K historically. I looked around, but couldn’t come across a site that provided this information (now someone will probably point to a site that does).

I’ve used the data from CoinMarketCap, ranging from the 29th  of april 2013 onwards (CoinMarketCap has no prior data values, therefore, the initial years are not included in the dataset, and the calculus will not be complete for low BTC price values):

I’ve created the following table (Number of day BTC is above a certain value):

The table allows us to see on which dates, and on how many occasions, Bitcoin has reached or surpassed a value of 11K$, 12K$, 13K$, and so forth.

It turns out that BTC Price has been equal to or surpassed these values on the reflected number of occasions (days):
-   10K on 189 occasions (distinct days)
-   11K on 112 occasions (distinct days)
-   12K on 59 occasions (distinct days)
-   13K on 46 occasions (distinct days)
-   14K on 41 occasions (distinct days)
-   15K on 30 occasions (distinct days)
-   16K on 20 occasions (distinct days)
-   17K on 16 occasions (distinct days)
-   18K on 6 occasions (distinct days)
-   19K on 4 occasions (distinct days)
-   20K on 1 occasion (distinct days)

-   If we modify the value of a column header on row number 4, we can see the results for any custom value. Bear in mind that there is no data prior to the 29/04/2013.

-   If we filter a column, setting the filter to the value of “1”, we should get to see the list of dates on which the given value was met or surpassed (i.e. change H4 from $10.000 (10K) to $750).