Author Topic: Coinbase Holds a Whopping 966,230 Bitcoin ($7B) in Cold Wallet  (Read 4 times)

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Coinbase Holds a Whopping 966,230 Bitcoin ($7B) in Cold Wallet
« on: December 02, 2019, 07:58:16 PM »

According to recent reports, Coinbase has a whopping 966,230 Bitcoin in its cold wallet. The exchange is increasingly becoming like a ‘bank’ which stores a growing number of deposited cryptocurrency assets.

How much cryptocurrency does each exchange hold in its cold wallet? With Coinbase leading the world in being the largest firm by crypto-assets, the numbers will probably shock you.

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This is freaking enormous for Coinbase to hold a lot of Bitcoin in their own cold wallet. Speaking of cold wallet, IDAX's CEO just simply "ran away" with the exchange's cold wallet with a lot of amount on it.

I'm not saying that reputable platforms like Coinbase might gonna do the same in the near future. It's just that these platforms needs to take care of their customers and always think of their hard-earned money when trading or storing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

I just hope that their cold wallet would remain in safe hands.