Author Topic: Business ideas with 60 Bitcoin? What would you do?  (Read 6 times)

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Business ideas with 60 Bitcoin? What would you do?
« on: November 08, 2019, 04:46:18 PM »
If someone has 60 BTC can he start a decent crypto business to make passive income? Please share some business ideas.
What would you prefer? Casino/Sportsbetting/Wallet/Exchange and which has the highest earning potential?
Provided i have funds - 60BTC and no knowledge regarding business and i am not a designer but i want to start my own crypto business. Where can i start? Where can i find and hire team for myself like designers/developers etc to start my business? I know good team can help the business grow but bad team can ruin everything so what are the things to look for before starting a business? Where to get the business partners with good ideas and genuine team? Where would you start from if you are in my situation. Please share your opinions in this thread