Author Topic: BTC will not DIE, People Die; Will you be the Last Man HODLing?  (Read 2 times)

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BTC will not DIE, People Die; Will you be the Last Man HODLing?
« on: December 06, 2018, 10:42:00 PM »
People go on here about the 'death' of btc, but they ignore suicide, and massive depression that BTC has caused.

Gradually as people are destroyed, they walk away,

It's common when people are ripped off they don't report to the police, they're embarrassed, and they embarrassed on this forum to admit they got fucked by the btc 'community' of common  criminals.

BTC will never die in our lifetimes, because it will have novel collector value, just like 1982 IBM pc's or early apple computers, or Lotus 123 spreadsheet(software)

But the PEOPLE, these people who put their entire life savings down on the table, and followed the MANTRA of "HODL", those people will be dead men walking, they will have died.

Does the community ( CIA, traders, exchange criminals,... ) do they care? Of course not, this is standard sociopath behavior, Darwinian selection.

Like I have said, Every time somebody tells you to "HODL", ask them to send you a check, so you an recover your losses, or ask them to send you some BTC, so you can sell and pay off your DEBT to BITCOIN.