Author Topic: BTC Origins?  (Read 3 times)

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BTC Origins?
« on: June 14, 2019, 11:03:11 PM »
So here i am, going to spew out some Theory..

I have been in the CryptoCurrency market since 2012 and since then i have always asked my self who is behind this Charade, and after a few interviews and talks about BTC nobody ever knew, ofcourse they said Satoshi Nakamoto but who or what is that? What is his real purpose because financial freedom can not be it ! So after years of digging i came to the conclusion that behind the creation of BTC is the World Bank. An certain individual in the WB had gotten an idea, an idea that is sure to come to fruition as humanity is programmed to overreach. And with the help of few of his buddies in the WB and a few unaware programmers he was set for success, they have been posting for a while then just dissapeared, that figures as there were people right behind their footprints.. About who they are who created the first Crypto Currency and how do they stop it.. Ofcourse nobody was aware it is the WB Doing it and they want it to stay that way untill the end. So even today we have no certain proof of that and this is just a THEORY. But who can clean up their footprints better than the WB ? Nobody else.. there are individuals out there but would not dare to risk their whole life for this. It has been done by someone who knew he can not be found and that is the most powerfull organization on this planet - The World Bank ??