Author Topic: BTC Decision time - Move to 3446 then 3162 or 4419 then 4934  (Read 4 times)

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BTC Decision time - Move to 3446 then 3162 or 4419 then 4934
« on: March 15, 2019, 12:06:14 PM »
A decision will be made to move to 3446 then 3162 or head to 4419 then 4934.

Many of the ALTs are showing this similar setup and BTC has to make its move out of this green triangle. .

Normally for a bullish move to occur the CMF has to be moving up and pointing upwards and it also has to be above its mid-line - But in BTC's current case the CMF has slipped below the mid-line and is trending and sloping Downwards , .

However looking closely at BTCs current CMF move it appears to be a deceiving move as when a trend line is drawn against the CMF ( the green arrow ) The CMF trend is actually not moving downwards but the CMF is actually sloping and moving upwards which can be interpreted as BTC remaining bullish .

Another hint is the KVO remains above the mid-line indicating the asset remains buliish. Price usually follows the KVO Hence if the KVO remains above its mid-line I suspect BTC will make a move to the 200MA zone which reaches up to the 4940 area,
As alwatys a good stop-loss is recommended and Im setting a stop loss at 3740 for safety just in case things go south.

u can see more in here :