Author Topic: BTC & All Shit-coin take terrible loss today, except Bitcoin-SV why is this?  (Read 4 times)

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Anybody have a clue why Bitcoin-SV ( satoshi version - whatever the hell that means )

Bcash has taken a real bad fall.


Took a look at their website, other than 'satoshi version', I don't see anything they're adding, that hasn't been done before, just appears to be another of the +2200 bitcoin shitcoin clones.

I guess  other than studying the source, there is no way to know if they added any value, like replacing the SHA, or upgrading the ECDSA to 512bit, and adding real p-addresses where 'p' means PRIVACY.

Just another btc-classic clone, what's the point? Oh, it has the baby-jesus (SV), he's coming reborn back to the flock.