Author Topic: Blockchain Education Is Just Getting Started  (Read 5 times)

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Blockchain Education Is Just Getting Started
« on: February 14, 2020, 07:45:25 PM »

It's visible how blockchain and cryptocurrency are starting to gain more attention in various fields. We're now seeing companies adopting blockchain, governments creating their own digital currency, donations with crypto options and more. As this adaption takes place, companies and businesses are starting to adopt digital ledgers and is looking for skilled people in terms of blockchain technology yet there are not enough people who really know blockchain technology that much.

Today, learning blockchain technology is mostly being done through self-teaching by exploring and researching. But not everyone can do it alone since blockchain can be complicated that's why the foundation for learning blockchain is weak. Because of the continuous adapting, American Universities are starting to teach and educate the students about this technology. A professor at the University of Pennsylvania and a blockchain club mentor, Kevin Werback said that "Even if they aren't pursuing a career in the area, most students aren't confident they can figure it out on their own. Blockchain is just so darn weird."

More universities start offering blockchain education, starting innovative programs, clubs and research centers to prepare the students for the future and about this technological advancement for the evolving marketplace.

The higher level of educations is preparing students before going out in the real world. We go to college aiming to get a stable job in the future that's why equipping the students with these skills and knowledge can be a student's strength that they'll be needing.

The University of California has a club with over 100 members where they can learn things related to blockchain and technology. In addition, students sometimes teach classes with regard to this technology. "We go through how Bitcoin works, cryptography, use cases, and a general overview of the crypto space.  Blockchain courses are split into different groups, one is more business-oriented. Then there are other courses that cover cryptography, security, etc." said Gloria Zhai who has also taught a class called  Blockchain Fundamentals.


More universities in America are expanding their education and adding blockchain to enhance the student's capabilities and skills with technology. Learning in schools is much more effective than learning on our own because there's someone professional who will teach and guide every student. I envy those students in America who can learn blockchain because in my country higher education isn't offering that kind of learning. It would be better to see more universities open for this not only in America but also in other places.

Learning this technology isn't just for those who want to learn it but it can also be beneficial for all students. Other courses can also learn it because this advancement is part of global innovation that they also need to know. While there are also other courses who might be needing this knowledge. Aside from computer-related courses, business courses might also need this because it's related to economy and cryptocurrency can also be considered as an asset by other businesses. Blockchain field is so wide and it's not only limited to a certain course, so including it in education will prepare and enhance students for the future.

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