Author Topic: BITSTAMP frozen my 10 btc and asking years worth of signed address transactions  (Read 5 times)

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Hello. I have had a couple btc since about 2014 and mainly use bitcoin for gambling and poker activities.
In April this year I had a big win at fortunejack about 30 btc
I deposited 16 btc to bitstamp. Sold 6 and left 10 btc in there
Few days ago went to sell the rest and they've frozen it and thus begins this following conversation by support tickets::

Thank you for filling out our KYC form. We have received your transaction request.

However, before we can properly process your currently pending transaction request, we ask that you elaborate further on the origin of the cryptocurrency deposited to your account, as well as provide us with information and documentation which can confirm your statements, such as bank deposit slips showing deposits to other exchanges, purchase logs, trading history, withdrawal history, or any other documentation relevant to your crypto origins.

Additionally, we ask that you elaborate further on your answer in our KYC form regarding your intended activities on our platform being related to online gambling activities.

My response I sent screenshots of my win at fortunejack and an email from fortunejack detailing my withdrawal

They then reply this...
Thank you for your reply. We have received your transaction.

However, before concluding this procedure, we ask that you provide us with some financial documentation, which can confirm how the funds you used to purchase your initial cryptocurrency acquisitions, that you used in your gambling activities, was acquired or accumulated, such as a salary pay slip, tax revenue statement, investment portfolio or similar. We also kindly ask that you elaborate on how your winning are reported as your taxable income and provide us with your most recent tax statement.

We also ask that you provide us with screenshots showing your initial cryptocurrency purchases and provide us with the relevant addresses where your initial cryptocurrency was deposited.

Additionally, we ask that you provide us with an estimated amount that you would be depositing/withdrawing to/from your Bitstamp account per year (in USD and BTC)?

To which I reply:I do not have any of this information, I have had a few bitcoin for many years, and earlier this year I had a big win on fortunejack casino like shown.
You are asking impossible things.

Then they reply this:
Continuing with this KYC procedure, before we can process your transactions, we kindly ask that you elaborate further on these BTC that you held for several years, and elaborate on their origin by providing us with documentation which can confirm how the crypto was obtained, such as purchase logs, trade logs, purchase confirmation emails or similar. We also kindly ask that you provide us with your initial addresses that you used during your crypto activities as well as provide us with a few screenshots showing the withdrawal of the crypto to Fortune Jack.

If at all possible we also ask that you sign your initial addresses, that you used during your crypto activities, with a message containing this ticket number, where the "address", "signature" and "message" are clearly separated by quotation marks.

We ask you to submit your documents in PDF, JPG, PNG format in a reply to this ticket.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to your reply.

Best Regards,
Jernej T.

I am basically shocked and do not know how to proceed.. They are clearly just wanting to keep my money, asking these impossible things.
Does anyone have any advice