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Bitcoin Weekly Analysis - December 2019
« on: December 03, 2019, 05:08:42 PM »
Hello everyone with Bitcoin Weekly Analysis, we have been following the market for a long time. And again, we haven't shared a story in a long time. First of all, we apologize for our absence. Let's give a good news: Soon we will continue our publications via our website with a good news portal. Moreover, it will be bundled with many different notification systems and warning systems.

Bitcoin Weekly Analysis - 01.12.2019

I'd like to touch on some things before the analysis. So-called youtubers and people who think they're crypto currency experts have started to do investment advisors and publish price analyses on BTC.  Everyone is free to do what they want. However, manipulation or speculation without knowing the essence of the work is a different situation. Unfortunately, this is the case in Turkey. It's hard to come across a tangible analyst. We've been working on it for years. We believe that the analysis does not work in cryptocurrencies. bitcoin comment

Bitcoin Weekly Analysis

You're looking at an analysis that says it's going to go up. The Other Will Fall, the Other Will Fly And The Other Will Sink. In the global economy, technical analyses and forex technical radians are clear. BTC, however, is not a forex tool. When we ask these so-called youtubers and friends who share analysis: Who is behind BTC? Answer: No one. There's software behind it, there's the computer behind it, and the answer comes. They say it doesn't look like a classic economy. So what is the contradiction in determining the direction of forex instruments?

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