Author Topic: Bitcoin transaction was faster than a Bank transfer today (for me)  (Read 3 times)

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Today I bought something nice and I had to transfer the money via my Bank account to a Bank account at another Bank. I used the Banking App on the phone and I selected the "immediate" transfer option. (These types of transactions cost more than the 24 hour transfers at my Bank)  I hoped that I would be able to take ownership of the item within a hour, but it only went through 3 hours later.  

Just before this transaction, I transferred some bitcoins to my account to gamble a bit and the same transaction was confirmed more than 3 times within a hour.

A lot of people are complaining about slow confirmations with Bitcoin, but even local inter Bank transactions takes longer than Bitcoin these days. We are not even talking about International transactions between countries, that might even take longer than 3 hours.  

Please share your experience with transaction speed, compared to Crypto currency transactions.