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« on: June 30, 2020, 09:58:13 AM »
Quote’s secret owner kicks out the site’s maintainer
The pseudonymous owner of Bitcoin’s oldest website—created by Satoshi Nakamoto himself—has fired its maintainer after a verbal dispute.
By Liam Frost

Jun 26, 2020

Cobra, the pseudonymous owner of the domain, has cut ties with its maintainer Will Binns over a disagreement.

Cobra said that Binns was trying to claim partial ownership of the site—that was originally set up by Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto—when he was just a contractor. Binns maintained that Cobra unfairly dismissed him, and is now looking for funding for legal action.

“I have removed Will Binns as the site's maintainer, during a conversation on Twitter he had claimed that his work contributing to conferred on him more authority than what I had agreed with him,” Cobra stated.

Apparently the guy was contacted by Mozilla and they did struck a deal of 75,000$ worth of investment in their stake in his company , but Apparently they were already warned beforehand by cobra that , this does not mean that they will somehow own the website.

“It needs to be clear that they [Mozilla] are supporting you personally, and your own personal work (a grant is preferred here), but if they want some ownership over your company, they have to know that this company doesn’t have any ownership over,” Cobra told Binns.

Apparently Mr. Binns words are:

After Binns was fired, he took to file sharing platform GitHub to complain.

“ [...] is now in danger of becoming compromised, if it hasn't just happened. @Cobra has removed my access and seized control of the site and accompanying code repositories. I do not believe Cobra is the sole and lawful owner, nor does he have any right to do these things without just cause,” Binns wrote on June 24.  

Not only that now Binns wants to set up a fund legally so that the sites ownership will be with a trusted third party because he believes that Cobra wants to give the ownership of the site to someone else without legal process and such .

Gregory Maxwell, a former Bitcoin Core developer and the former chief technology officer of Blockstream, corroborated Cobra’s statements.

“Your position appears to be a misplaced and inappropriate response to Cobra suggesting that he was considering not handing you unilateral control of I hope you reconsider your approach,” wrote Maxwell.  

I do think the guy is not taking into account how since years the site has been managed by Cobra , we never did have any problems regarding the same , it might be a simple case of de-faming the man but I do believe as long as the site is owned by someone good who does know the essence of cryptocurrencies as a whole , we are good to go .

This site is in no way owned by anyone , it's owned by every single person out there which helped create it , centralization is never the option when we are talking about specially , we have already seen other sites being taken down .

Is someone behind all this ?

But then again what Binn is asking is not wrong  He might be saying statements way over the top and accepting payment for the stakes might have alerted Cobra , because we all know how companies like these works , if Mozilla tries to own this , they will make sure at least there part is centralized.

It's not about money !


What is your take on this ?