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Bitcoin current situation
« on: March 25, 2020, 06:13:10 PM »
Created this topic for some bitcoin investors to read about the current situation, please read and share your comments with me.

These days many people are scared because they think lose their money with bitcoin because of the price falling down.
There are two kind of people in my own idea:
1. Some people invested with their own money and they are also thinking long-term (2-3 years or more)
2. But in the other hand some other people, unfortunately,  using the money from dad/mom/loan/... Also they want to get the profit in short term.
Please everyone be careful, when are you using other people's money, you will get stress and you panic real fast. obviously, in this case you lose your money and leave the crypto world while you say "crypto is unless/scam".
Many investors are recommending people to do to enter any project with the money they need, use the part of money you don't need it. So, even if you lose your money you won't be depressed
If you know bitcoin for 3-4 years you know we had many pumps/dumps even worst than this. For example, a few years ago after closing BitInstant, bitcoin stopped trading and the price fallen down like hell. some people sold their bitcoins for a real low price and lost too much money with selling too cheap. Everyone said bitcoin is over and here it is! Today you sell/buy it for 6K USD.
Sooner or later... Bitcoin price will rise and having one single bitcoin will be a dream for other people.