Author Topic: Bitcoin credibility is great according to Bitcointalk forum members  (Read 11 times)

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Bitcointalk is a great and sufficient forum on matters concern bitcoin as aimed by satoshi Nakamoto when starting this Forum talk on Bitcoin. As it comprises different experts on Bitcoin hidden under their usernames as  Satoshi Nakamoto Do for a long time.

It's Just  A day since I raise a concern about bitcoin credibility on the forum, a topic shows how worry I was on Bitcoin Credibitily over so-called Bitcoin whales and some people who said they may damage it.
Bitcointalk forum members come into the Topic and remove that negative concern about them and  remind that there is little influence from them which may result in price changes with other factors but they are just big investors and traders and in each class of economy there are these kinds of people

1. In computer technology, We do have Biligate (software owner and richest man in the world)
2. In Oil, We do have Arabic Nations which produce Oil
3. In Social media, We do have the Facebook owner (Currently own Instagram and WhatsApp)
4. In Online Stores We do have Amazon& Alibaba
5. In countries, We do have governments (almost they can influence anything is their countries)

With the help of Bitcointalk forum members, Now there is nothing to worry, See few examples of people who might be whales in their expertise' Areas, It is understood that nothing to worry from Bitcoinwales as they are available in a different part of economy batched with names on their expertise.

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