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Bitcoin across the world
« on: December 06, 2018, 04:39:48 PM »
Just for fun I started gathering IPs reported by bitcoin clients and make a database of unique ips and test which ones are live, which ones are not.

Since there are ~1200 bitcoin connected to the irc channel I was assuming to find a similar value, but right now I'm still querying nodes and got over 6000 nodes (for now about 25% are accepting inbound connections).

Anyway since it's probably not telling you much, I transformed the ips in coordinates, and made a google kml file anyone can see in google maps (suggested by slush_cz)

UPDATE: Now the node color on google maps tells you if that node accept connections or not.

GREEN means the node has its firewall correctly configured and accept connections from other nodes

RED means we were unable to connect to the node (it is either down, or do not accept connections)

WHITE means the node is still in the queue, and will be checked soon

UPDATE 2: Now only nodes I heared about from other nodes within the last 3 hours are taken into account. The other nodes are excluded from the map and other stats (except versions)

You can also have a (json) overview of bitcoin versions across the network: (yep, still some 0.3.0 around)

PS: another json feed: ("up" nodes are node accepting connections from outside, "rate_accepting" is the current ratio between nodes accepting and not accepting connections)