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BiFi - Bitcoin Paid Wifi With VPN
« on: January 14, 2020, 10:25:38 AM »

What Is The Internet?
The Internet is a global collection of computer networks that are linked together by devices called routers and use a common set of protocols
for data transmission known as TCP/IP (transmission control protocol / Internet protocol). The primary purpose of the Internet is to facilitate the sharing of information

Who Has Access To The Internet?
Around 52% of the global online population access internet from their mobile devices and more than half of the global population is estimated to go online
 using mobile devices by 2020.

Who Can't Access The Internet?
The plan to connect everyone in the world by 2020 is already off the rails. Without cheaper devices and more affordable broadband plans, universal Internet
 access won't be possible until 2042, according to a new report.
Around 48% of the global online population doesn’t have access to the internet.
The world's least developed countries will only reach universal Internet access by 2042, according to group's annual affordability report, which looked at the world's 51 poorest countries.
 If progress continues at the current rate, only 52% of the world will be online by 2020, and the world's poorest countries will only have managed to connect 16 percent of their citizens.

How Do We Solve This?
We at BiFi have designed a lightweight device that can be carried around with you to access internet on the go, you can also use it as daily internet at your home and keep it plugged in to keep charged.
 Different Data plans will be available to customers so they can choose a plan that suits their needs.
We have also thought about developing countries where electric may be too expensive for families to keep paying on a regular basis.
We have solved this problem with a solar powered charging cable which will connect to the device allowing it to charge and have continuous internet access without worrying about it turning off.

How Does It Receive The Plan?
Once the user has chosen their desired data plan their BiFi Sim card shall receive the data once the payment has been recognised.
 The BiFi Sim card shall come with the device so there is no waiting to get started having access to the internet.

How Do We Pay?
We will have created a online portal which will give each user their very own dashboard to use at their will. It will display different Plans of Data which can be purchased using Bitcoin.
The address shall be automatically monitored to register any incoming payments for a user then shall add the data plan to their BiFi Sim Card which would become useable instantly.

Different payment methods shall be come available in the future such as Litecoin & XRP.

What Makes BiFi Different?

With our BiFi Internet devices we aim to make each device connect to the internet through a VPN giving you total privacy, so you don’t have to worry about being watched or tracked.
Also, to purchase these devices we shall make them available on a well-known selling site so you can choose which details to enter and where to get it delivered to.

the Device will come with a unique code which connects your device and sim card so all you have to do is choose your data plan and pay for it via BTC without entering any personal details.

Where Are We Now?
We have finished the design phase of this product and now are seeking investors/support in proceeding with the actual build of the product.
I soon will be starting to contact companies to seek prices on renting their Cell Towers in certain areas to begin with, once that is achieved I will look
into the full scale Sim Card Manufacturing and negotiate prices that are affordable to keep costs low to our customers.

How Is Your Investment Represented?

We plan to create a either a coin or token with a max supply of 50 Million with 2% Interest each month

We plan to sell the first 1 million shares at 0.10 - 0.20 Cent each which will raise sufficient funds for the project to be functional

1 Coin/Token would represent 1 Share which you physically hold and will be able to trade.

We also are in the process of registering as an official Business which will also hold Shares which comes in the with 1 Coin = 1 Share. So potentially you can trade the Coin/Shares on an exchange and stockmarket.

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