Author Topic: Anyone here running any Bitcoin ATMs?  (Read 5 times)

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Anyone here running any Bitcoin ATMs?
« on: October 09, 2019, 01:23:24 AM »
Maybe I'm a little late to the game in trying to get a Bitcoin ATM business started, but I've started to see a few buy-only ATMs popping up in my area so I figure there's plenty of room for growth. But as I've been searching for Bitcoin ATM manufacturers, I've found only a few that look like they have good products and a customer service desk that's worth anything. I've already crossed one company off of my list because their customer service number has a perpetual busy signal even in the middle of the night, and it took three or four days to get even a basic response from them by e-mail about ATM details and operation. When I asked if they had any ATMs that allowed crypto purchase via credit or debit card, I got a one-word reply, "no", and when I replied that I thought they were being very shortsighted by not offering a credit/debit card option for customers, they said "thank you for your feedback" and that was the end of the e-mail. Not the level of responsiveness I'm looking for in a company that wants my money.

So now I'm paring down the list of ATM manufacturers that seem to have a good product and seem to give a rip about customer service, and I'm hoping to purchase my first Bitcoin ATM by early in the new year. Of the two current ATMs I've seen in my town so far, one (CoinFlip) doesn't sell their ATMs to outside parties, and the other is a Genesis Coin model that looks like it's in the $11K retail range, which is a bit more than I can afford to shell out just starting out. Any advice on what I should do (or not do) and things to consider starting off would be greatly appreciated.