Author Topic: America is at it again....  (Read 3 times)

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America is at it again....
« on: December 07, 2018, 03:13:42 AM »
First, we get BS KYC which is actually more dangerous then it is safe and if you willing to risk the safety of you and your loved ones to some random who will sell your info good for you. KYC is just an exploit right now.
Here the government says not to give KYC to unknown entities and to be vigilant since there have btc scams here. When dealing with crypto the responsibility is on you. Basically they saying of you lose your money dont cry to them. It should be like that everywhere.

The next thing that happens from our delightful American friends is the wonder of the IRS % the incredible selfishness of American BTC holders. The main reason BTC is taking a beating is because the taxes needed to be in on the 4th Dec for the IRS. These idiots dumped their BTC instead of planning like an adult. They destroyed the value so much. What can't the take the fiat they earn working at their job and pay their capital gains with that.
These are the people wanting to make a quick buck that do not believe in btc and just use it as an investment to make more fiat. Utterly pathetic. This type of person must gtfo of the cryptro world and never ever return.
Go play with your fiat money some place. I really hope all these dumpers stay away from crtypto and don't come back. They not welcome. Bitcoin is for believers in crypto and the use of crypto.

BTW!!! Besides internet, electricity, food, fuel, I use btc to pay for everything else. TAX FREE GUYS WAKE UP!!! Pay with bitcoin = no tax. Only pay tax when you convert to fiat. Oh and I am from a third world country so I am not sure what excuses other people have for not spending their bitcoins....