Author Topic: A bitcoin gamer's cry for help  (Read 3 times)

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A bitcoin gamer's cry for help
« on: July 12, 2019, 04:18:53 PM »
Hello, everyone. My name is He Dianwen. My Chinese id number is 412902197707150857.
I should be the poorest man in the world. I suffered from polio when I was a child, which disabled my legs. However, the disease did not knock me down. But I started to have diarrhea in the fall of 2018, and didn't care about it at first, thinking that it was caused by something unclean. But then I kept pulling until I couldn't eat anything and my weight dropped to about 40kg. I was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma in the hospital in early 2019. I am only 42 years old, and I don’t want to die. My mother is lying in bed sick at present, and the whole family is depending on her 70-year-old father. My parents still need my care. I'm trying to survive.
Before the first stage of surgery, chemotherapy has cost 100,000 rmb, and the follow-up also needs four stages of chemotherapy, which probably also needs a lot of money, my family is really unable to afford. Since I dug up bitcoin and litecoin in 2013, I came to this website to ask for your donations. I hope you can help me! Thank you!

Donation address:

Thank you again.