Author Topic: 10 Years Bitcoin (Honor for satoshi nakamoto)  (Read 11 times)

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10 Years Bitcoin (Honor for satoshi nakamoto)
« on: November 09, 2019, 11:02:07 AM »
Hello, all.

I write here, in honor of Satoshi Nakamoto.


I want to be honest, I was rather disturbed by many people claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Little did not understand that many people claimed to be the creators of bitcoin, rather embarrassing they claimed to be the makers of bitcoin. After I saw his paper about his ideas, fundamentals, the reason he created bitcoin, the technology he created for technology and so on. I analyzed his personality psychologically, from the way he wrote, from the reason he created bitcoin, to be honest he seemed to have a paranoid person.

Personality analysis.

Very often I deal with many people and analyze the way he writes, the way he talks, etc. I deal with scammers and fraud systems more generally. In this case, satoshi is more like a person who is dedicated to IDENTITY. What he explained in his paper, he is like an INTROVET person rather than a person who looks for popularity, I can say he is a true anonymous GENIUS.

Keep your mind off the MR.ROBOT movie.
We too see the film mr.robot as a reference for a true hacker.
Satoshi is a genius and wise person (from the way he writes and his ideas). We only see one side, for as a true anonym he is too smart in my opinion, he is very smart to make something twisted world civilization that he did himself.

Create and disappear.

Not long after BITCOIN became large, he suddenly deleted his wallet. From this we can capture, that he is aware of what will happen if he is published in the real world. Only a fool can express himself SATOSHI NAKAMOTO. The creator is not a fool, he cannot delete his wallet without a reason.

Satoshi live for whom?

We don't know who Satoshi Nakamoto really is, "it could be" THEYMOS (forum admin). He devoted his project to the world, from the writing he glanced at me felt something was tickling my mind, in my mind he was like saying: "hey dude, I have something cool, wanna see?" and people laughed at him. Satoshi is a prankster for making bitcoin. He was very clever in hiding himself in his paper. Be very sure among you if there is an idea that appears and it is very brilliant, then there is something that tickles behind your head.

Paper and Ink

Satoshi Nakamoto believes in the current financial system that something is wrong, from what he wrote as referring to before GOLD was replaced by banknotes that only looked 'legal' because they were legal because they were given the LAW label by a financial system.

Money is created from PAPER and INK, gold is not created but is already present, valuable because forming gold is very difficult and we have to mine. From his literacy he wrote, satoshi realized there was something wrong with money, the currency was not something that was easily made like money, the currency must be absolute and not easily destroyed, and could not be manipulated or monopolized by one party.

Identity is a valuable reflection.

In a few sentences of his paper, Satoshi seemed to reflect his identity like gold, and tucked his emotions into his writing. Valuable identity and must be maintained, if the identity is known, then what you have is of no value. His concept is identity = gold, which is only owned by each individual. We all know, if BITCOIN is not completely anonymous, it is as if it had predicted 100% anonymous. You can imagine what happens if the crypto currency is 100% anonymous.


Many argue that Satoshi is a company, illuminashit, satanic and others who want to change the world order. Not a few people claim to be him, but here I find several reasons, 1. people claim to be satoshi to search for popularity or 2. he who claims to be the creator of bitcoin to protect the original SATOSHI NAKAMOTO. We do not know the truth, we only guess, examine, look for facts and then match fact 1 with the others.

Satoshi's email.

Not many people know about Satoshi Nakamoto, I bet I am less than 100 people who know, even fewer.
Satoshi email uses an anonymous company (we don't know for sure). Like people who live in a deep web, they don't use Gmail, Yahoo Mail. If they want to go to clearnet or surface web, they will use protonmail or gmx (which saotshi uses). Not many people know that Satoshi uses GMX from Germany, so there will be new speculations that Satoshi Nakamoto from Germany.

For those who claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto, please and show if you are genuine. By showing you the Satoshi Nakamoto email login and showing the age of the email.
For the real satoshi, he won't do it.

10 Years of Bitcoin, I respect him by writing.