Author Topic: [LEAKED] Private Bitcoin Foundation Discussions On Blacklisting, more (ZIP dump)  (Read 143 times)

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The following is a dump of full HTML files (identifying parts removed) of private Bitcoin Foundation discussions on Bitcoin blacklisting, transaction reversing, and create a new proof of work called "proof of sacrifice" for asset forfeiture.

It is VERY important that you understand what is going on behind closed doors of the Bitcoin Foundation. I am absolutely disgusted by the approach the foundation is taking to make Bitcoin no longer an open payments system, but rather a restricted, locked down platform with central control in the form of the current certificate authority structure, blacklisting of Bitcoins, reversing transactions and much more.

It always starts off small - like a UI that tells you coins are no longer fungible. It will lead into a locked down Bitcoin - that the rich wants.


This Is What Bitcoin Stands For. No trusted central authorities like Verisign. No transaction "meditating" or reversing. No blacklists of bitcoin - bitcoins must be fungible.

------- DUMP ------ (fastest?)



A network of your peers - General - Bitcoin Foundation
A network of your peers - Page 2 - General - Bitcoin Foundation
Coin tracking - Law and Policy - Bitcoin Foundation
Coin tracking - Page 2 - Law and Policy - Bitcoin Foundation
Coin tracking - Page 3 - Law and Policy - Bitcoin Foundation
Coin tracking - Page 4 - Law and Policy - Bitcoin Foundation
Deep concern about the foundation's chairman of Law and Policy (Mike Hearn) pushing for coin taint - General - Bitcoin Foundation
Deep concern about the foundation's chairman of Law and Policy (Mike Hearn) pushing for coin taint - Page 2 - General - Bitcoin Foundation
Just in case you think Bitcoin has it hard with AML laws - General - Bitcoin Foundation
Position C.1 - Selectively mediated transactions are good for consumer protection - Law and Policy - Bitcoin Foundation


Also please read this.

Preface: Your upvotes contribute to his google search.

I believe it is worth exposing each person in this new CoInvalidation team. Yifu is a dishonest criminal of bitcoins, dollars, time, and his actions speak to a nefarious character. Google him, it's been covered.

Well, what about the other guys? The coin purse, cofounder, and government connections guy is Matthew Mellon.

First, let me preface this with saying Matt has really great family lawyers. They have attacked (and removed) a lot of articles exposing him and reporting on his past. If you report on this on your blog, he will send legal to come after you.
So, who is Matt?

Matthew Mellon is part of one of America’s most influential and wealthy families — with ties like Gulf Oil, Carnegie Mellon University and Alcoa. Matthew inherited a $25 million trust fund at only 21, and started blowing it on cocaine, guns, celebrity company, and whatever other ridiculous or dangerous things he could get his hands on. He almost overdosed, and instead of reforming, he divorced his wife went back to hit the slopes some more. He fired his next fiancee, and left her financially dry, only to jump to another woman shortly after.
Some stuff he's done that went public:

Matthew Mellon historically had a nasty breakup which exposed his crack, cocaine, and business embezzlement.

Matthew Mellon is friends enough with this ex-Paris Hilton boyfriend asshat, having borrowed him funds which also funded Brandon's drug use.

Matthew Mellon was likely involved in a hacking scandal which his lawyers cleaned up nicely. The problem with making a website also apologize is it leaves traces.

Matthew Mellon also threatened lawsuit to take another article down here. "the wealthy Matthew Mellon thought they needn't act as average people, so instead they've, through their attorneys, tried to scare us."

A report still up shows that Matthew Mellon allegedly hired wire-tapping on his ex-wife. Do you trust him with your validation? On further research, he was arrested and charged.

For you political folks, I will let you make your own decision on Matthew Mellon's contributions to Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. He has donated both separately (majorly to Ryan) and combined. This includes the defunding of Medicare and Medicaid.

I'm sure I could keep digging wonderful things, but this post is getting too fucking long. Matthew Mellon, and associates [Alex Waters & Yufi Guo, if you read this: fuck. you.

Alex Waters, you're next. And Kashmir Hill - thanks for your previous exposure but you are a shill. Your spin shows your lack of spine and willingness to suck the institutionalized finance dick. Fuck you too.


BOYCOTT anything that places control of bitcoin to any authority (Verisign, US FinCEN, Bitcoin Foundation or Anything) - instead of being a very decentralized payment network and digital currency.