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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Which other emerging technologies are you guys following?

    I am sure we would all have loved to be involved with bitcoin technology from the beginning. Not just because of money, but because it would have been super cool to discuss matters with Satoshi, and participate in the evolution of the network. Which other emerging technology (outside the cryptocurrency area) are you currently following and finding interesting?

  • New chance to get 120$ and then 1000$ { completely free }

    First important : All of this strategy for free and it's once for every person 1-First u have to create a new account in blockchain.com ( Used google to be safe ) 2-then u have to make a verification with your identity you'll received 454xlm = 50$ after 2 day's maximum i received once after a week and again after 1 hour and again after 12 hours but maximum 2 day's " Keeping you money on your wallet " 3- create a new account in coinbase.com and make a verification as well you'll received 20$ and after few days you'll get 50$ xml as well So now we have 70$ you can withdraw it in any wallet or u have a chance to get 1000$ in a month without risk First i used a casino sites i know it's dangerous and you'll lost your money , but that depends how u thinking Becouse some people when they get 30% or 40% he didn't close the site and go to sleep but he wants to get 1000$ daily and this is impossible , and i have a strategy as well but i can't share a pic here So we will get 100$ in first day that's mean 30$ profit After this we will play slowly 0 risk to get 1000$ in a  month Chat with me for more details Telegram @juliab1 Thanks, have a nice day  

  • Limited Supplies Lead To Death (SIMULATION) Satoshi Help.

    Sorry I been up for 24hours and my thoughts are just off the top of my head. The stuff I am talking about is in the middle of the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=494ki3Dz9pM

  • i need moderators for my new coin talk forum

    i need moderators for my new www.cointalkforum.com i will pay monthly fees for moderates spam members just make account on this forum and email me on  adsworld12345@gmail.com  with username i will add your account with global moderators thank you


    ### JOIN

  • Im new i have a question about btc and eth

    Hi im new and my english is poor but i want to explain my question I use binance and i bought Eth with my btc thenwhen btc raise eth go low, but each price went high, i dont understand why this happend. Right know im - %10, btc raise and eth each price raise but im still going low, why?

  • Every Cryptocurrency Can Be Hacked in Just a Few Seconds

    Is it possible that all current blockchain-based cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) can be hacked in just a matter of seconds? It indeed seems possible, based on the statements made by Dr. Joseph Liu, Associate Professor at Monash University. Dr. Liu’s qualifications add allot of weight to his statements. He is the Head Researcher at Monash Blockchain Research Lab, the Chief Scientist of HCash and he is also the co-creator of the Moreno cryptocurrency. In other words, his statements about cryptocurrency development should be taken seriously... https://www.bitcrypt.co/every-cryptocurrency-hacked-in-seconds/

  • Get Noticed With Nodis!

    NODIS is a decentralized marketing platform aiming to solve the issues of small businesses in making their products and services get the full noticed in the digital world. To know more about this awesome project , visit their site at Nodis.io, or you can follow their twitter page to stay updated:  BTCBTC #NodisGetNoticed #startup #cryptocurrency #socialmediamarketing #blockchaintechnology #startupstories #startupstory #startupbusiness #startupnation #startuplife #startuptips #startupgrind #startuplifestyle #startupweekend #startupcompany #cryptocurrencies #crypto #blockchainnews #torontostartup #startupstories

  • The middle ground for all skeptics and enthusiasts

    I saw a lot of skeptics of BTC and crypto in real life, and lots of enthusiasts who see crypto world through rose-coloured glasses. I must admit personally I am leaning towards skeptics, I surely believe that future economic relations will change thanks to what BTC already did, but all those who say again and again"BTC is future, fiat will die" just do not understand what they are talking about simply misunderstanding what experts want to say. Here is an article, which I believe provide middle grounds for both sides and would be useful for everyone here, in case you missed. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/23/technology/bitcoin-tulip-mania-internet.html

  • Japan to Provide G20 With Solution for Crypto Regulation

    https://news.bitcoin.com/japan-g20-cryptocurrency-regulation/ Quote Japan is preparing to share its experience regarding cryptocurrency regulation with finance ministers and central bank governors from other G20 countries at the upcoming summit which it will host in June. According to local media, Japanese regulators have a solution for crypto regulation to offer the G20 countries. According to local news outlet Sankeibiz, Japanese regulators have created a handbook “that each [G20] country can use for regulations, such as measures to prevent the outflow of virtual currency.” “International rules are being developed to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, with virtual currency restrictions in place,” the news outlet described Monday. “On the other hand, there are no rules in terms of the protection of customer assets and the soundness of the market, so it is the first time that certain ideas are shared internationally,” It remains to be seen whether the other G20 countries are interested though.

  • INVITATION ▶ Earn $4950 again and again with just $1 ◀ INVITATION

    This REALLY AMAZING system is your path to your Financial Freedom! Would you be willing to spend JUST $1 to earn $4,950 again and again. This PROGRAM looks LITTLE, but it is BIG. It has the Complete Package: 1. Very Inexpensive Entry: yes, only $1 Dollar 2. It is a 2x2 Matrix, so it's Super Fast 3. It's run on Bitcoin: Global and Private 4. It has Massive SPILL FACTORS 5. It has Huge Matching Bonuses 6. It has an 100% Honest Admin 7. Amazing Leadership in Place 8. The Whole Focus to allow Everyone to Win. 9. No one ever quits a Program where they Make Money. 10. Get YOUR FOOT in the DOOR, Right Now! Oh... and Yes, there is PIF OPTION too! A True Winner's Package. One that will be around for a LONG LONG TIME Join Now : https://www.onedollarbtc.com/?astar ...

  • make cointalkforum moderators free

    i need moderators for my www.cointalkforum.com join forum and email me  me at  adsworld12345@gmail.com email with user name i will add you as a moderators , thank you ,

  • Will bitcoin bank transfer eventually be bigger than individual transactions

    Most Bitcoin transactions will occur between banks, to settle net transfers. Bitcoin transactions by private individuals will be as rare as… well, as Bitcoin based purchases are today

  • How huge is the job of the legislature in the improvement of Bitcoin?

    The administration assumes an imperative job in the advancement of Bitcoin in a nation. For instance, an administration declares that it will acknowledge Bitcoin in that nation, so I'm certain the improvement of Bitcoin in that nation will be quick! What do you think, the Government or the network who assume a critical job in the improvement of Bitcoin?

  • GOFINDXR is leveraging on the power of blockchain to make XR (Extended Reality)

    If you are looking for a social media marketing XR,   you can check this out from telegram group: gofindxr     BTC BTC #xrtoken #gofindxr #xrtoken #extendedreality #ER #VirtualReality #SpatialWeb

  • I Got Scammed by the Exchange EZBTC.CA

    I am not the first to bring a complaint against EZBTC.CA for unpaid funds, and I won't be the last. I wish to warn the community before more people get roped into this shady exchange, especially Canadians as they already have few options to choose from as it stands. Dave Smillie (found of ezbtc.ca) has had many user complaints as well as 5 lawsuits filed against him and his exchange ezBTC operating under business # 1081627 B.C LTD. The most egregious of which being GODWIN, Richard v 1081627 BC LTDwhere the plaintiff seeks the debt of 284.2566 Bitcoin (BTC) from David Smillie: File number: 1812420 - GOLDLUST, Joseph v 1081627 B.C. LTD. - Supreme Civil (General) File number: 1963965 - ROBERTS, John v 1081627 B.C. LTD. - Provincial Small Claims File number: 172818 - GODWIN, Richard v 1081627 BC LTD - Supreme Civil (General) File number: 18104 - MCCALLUM, Evan v 1081627 BC LTD - Provincial Small Claims File number: 1862507 - WONG, Gary v 1081627 BC LTD. - Provincial Small Claims You can get the latest information on all pending lawsuits against EZBTC here: https://justice.gov.bc.ca/cso/esearch/civil/partySearch.do A condensed version of my story is that I got worried about my pending withdrawal with EZBTC and my emails/calls went unanswered. The live chat on their website was also disabled. I decided to tweet my situation to @ezBtcCanada and immediately got an email from the owner David Smillie himself urgently telling me to call him on a personal number. He deverified and suspended my account as a result of my tweets @tokenflair for "security reasons". After some talk (me saying I'll delete the tweets) he immediately reactivated and reverified my account again and said that my withdrawal will be taken care of the next day. Fast forward to the next day and my withdrawal is still pending. Calls/texts/email go unanswered again. Live chat is still disabled. I proceed to send another tweet instead. Like clockwork, I get a response from David shortly after and he was livid. He threatened to sue me for defamation if I continued posting about my situation on public forums. I told him I'll be waiting for his letter. He stated that my account would be receiving a lifetime ban and I will not be receiving my withdrawal but I would get an eTransfer refund in 30 days, and all this information would be included in an email I was supposed to receive on Monday April 22, 2019. I still have not received any such email, and my emails/call/texts to him are again being ignored. The saga continues. List of numerous complaints against David Smillie and EZBTC: https://files.fm/f/23ej52ff (David Smillie sued by Richard Godwin) https://np.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/comments/bahzsm/another_bc_lawsuit_filed_against_ezbtc_1081627_bc/ (David Smillie sued by John Roberts) https://np.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/comments/99fs6i/2_new_court_filings_against_ezbtc_in_the_past_week/ (More lawsuits) https://np.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/comments/8mjtjb/amaa_exowner_of_ezbtc_resigned_when_i_realized_it/ (Ex-CTO of EZBTC blows whistle) https://np.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/comments/b53zq3/please_sticky_this_post_im_a_developer_who_worked/ (EZBTC developer blows whistle) https://np.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/comments/939ce2/40_days_and_counting_fiat_withdrawal_ezbtcca/ https://np.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/comments/926adi/ezbtcca_may_have_gone_bust_toronto_offices_have/ https://np.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/comments/973yrz/ezbtcca_is_likely_insolvent/ https://np.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/comments/98njea/worth_visiting_ezbtc_offices/ https://np.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/comments/901847/concern_regarding_ezbtc/ https://np.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/comments/9181nx/banned_from_ezbtcca_chatroomhave_not_rcvd/ https://np.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/comments/arnboh/ezbtc_will_my_girlfriend_ever_see_her_money/ https://coiniq.com/ezbtc-review/ https://np.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/comments/ao680q/what_are_customers_latest_experiences_with_ezbtc/ https://warosu.org/biz/thread/10773849 https://np.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/comments/bfqrv1/fortune_jack_here_regarding_david_smillie_and/ https://np.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/comments/b57fq9/ezbtc_terms_of_service_wayback_machine/ https://np.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/comments/arfa5x/ezbtc_is_so_fake_check_this_out/ https://np.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCA/comments/95rpl5/to_those_staying_silent_for_ezbtc_defamation/ Stay vigilant out there everyone.

  • Coinfirm working with biggest bank in Poland

    Coinfirm working with biggest bank in Poland, they gonna make special system for documents based in blockchain. https://www.financemagnates.com/fintech/news/pko-bank-polski-and-coinfirm-launch-new-blockchain-system/

  • Unconfirmed News: Mt. Gox Automatically Filing Creditors for Repayment

    Users who had bitcoin (BTC) saved at Mt. Gox exchange and filed certain self-admission rehabilitation claims could reportedly receive some of their funds back (unconfirmed). “The creditors who objected to your self-approved rehabilitation claim withdrew their objections. As a result, the approval of your self-approved rehabilitation claim has become effective, and you no longer need to file an application for claim assessment.” The email screenshot was shared on Reddit by DerEwige: Here's the reddit's post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/bg0mqa/mtgox_users_will_all_receive_a_part_of_their_btc/ DerEwige interpreted the email to mean that even Mt. Gox users who failed to fill out a rehabilitation claim after losing their bitcoin have had a claim automatically made in their name, which has now been approved. According to users in the MtGoxCreditors Telegram channel, self-admission claims that were not claimed in bankruptcy or civil rehabilitation were no longer objected to if the users were able to identify themselves. The Mt. Gox hack in 2011 was the biggest bitcoin hack the world has seen, with 850,000 BTC (worth about $460 million at the time) stolen. The embattled exchange subsequently collapsed three years later, with 24,000 creditors out of pocket. In April, Mt. Gox’s trustee announced that all creditors who filed rehabilitation claims had received a decision, but warned the timing and method of repayment had not been determined Source News: https://cointelegraph.com/news/unconfirmed-mt-gox-automatically-filing-creditors-for-repayment

  • What's your plan if you bought around all time high?

    I want to ask everyone who got into bitcoin towards the end of 2017 and is currently at a loss, like myself   What will you do when the market goes up and you get your money back. Sell or just keep holding?

  • Apply technology 4.0 to develop electronic money, trade between countries around

    Currently, the world is heating up with technology 4.0. But countries that have been applying technology in practice are very few like: Singapore, Vietnam, .. But to operate the system, it is necessary to join hands of the whole earth. So how can technology 4.0 be applied in practice in general, and the application of electronic money in practice in particular?

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