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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Bitcoin is the MASTER

    The easiest way to describe crypto currency to the masses is to say it like this.... Bitcoin is the MASTER and Altcoins are the SLAVES  I would love to be the MASTER, but I am a SLAVE at heart since my portfolio is in altcoins, like Canyacoin CAN, which only trades on binance dex https://www.binance.org/en/trade/CAN-677_BNB

  • Do you record and preserve Bitcoin history?

    Either for your own amusement or for your unborn clones? Do you diligently save sites, videos, discussions and previous software versions just in case they disappear from the internet for future reference? Is there actually any type of dedicated crypto archive out there? I'm not sure I can think of anything. No matter what happens to the entire scene the impact it has made will be studied for centuries. I wonder how much information will be available to the curious in the years to come. Here's the only snippet I ever bothered with. It took several hours of waiting but was a moment well worth preserving if only for my wank bank. 

  • "certificate of ownership" in 2013 ?

    Hey all,.... Im hoping someone can elude/knows about my question.  In regards to "certificate of ownership"    I was asked for this item, and i dont have it due to it not being available back in 2013 from what i recall, ...perhaps i could be wrong hence why i am posting it here I know that UTXO and the blockchain ledger was the way to verify in a manner of speaking... to verify bitcoin ownership combined with the private key etc etc... But back in 2013 were there any "certificate of ownership" available? I think it was too early for this medium and not applicable back in 2013 .... More so, the only thing i can think of are "CA certificates" but these were not applicable due to the ease of duplication. So any help on this i would appreciate it... thank you.

  • Learn about Patent and Intellectual Property. (Bitcoin)

    One of the important topics we should learn regarding studies and innovation that we're creating is patent. The reason why I created this topic because of discussions about Craig Wraight who's non-stop of claiming as the founder of bitcoin. This is one of my course subjects and I guarantee that it'll be helpful on some discussions like this: Craig Wright Provides List of 16,404 Bitcoin (BTC) Addresses That Contain $9.5 Bln. Is He Real Satoshi? Most of the time when there's a news about CSW, it can be seen on btc discussion already. These are the articles related to CSW issues: Craig Wright Again Claims Authorship of Bitcoin White Paper Judge recommends bitcoin ‘creator’ turn over earnings in lawsuit Bitcoin Faketoshi Fails Again? Craig Wright 'Exposed' by Microsoft Office and until now, he can't even show a valid proof for ownership of btc white paper. So let's start the real topic about Patent and Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property Simple definition, a unique idea or concept that is made by your mind. It means all of the things you had thought and do are considered as IP. The blockchain and bitcoin are the intellectual property of Satoshi Nakamoto, so if the real Satoshi applied for a patent with great evidence, It will consider him as the owner of BTC, BTC whitepaper, and blockchain concept not only in the digital world but in the whole world. Patent A patent is something you have to apply to claim as the creator of the invention. For eg. Craig Wright of NChain is trying to apply for patent on all of the things SN made but until now, WIPO still doesn't grant or approve due to lack of evidence of being SN. The reason why he's still holding the title of faketoshi or fraud for insisting to be SN. The different kinds of Intellectual Property. Patent Trademark Utility Model Industrial Design Geographic Indications Layout of IC Trade Secret Copyright How does the claim of CSW will be approved? 1. If he really holds the millions of BTC that are owned by SN. 2. Layout model or design for Blockchain, Trademark ownership of Bitcoin and White paper. These are one of the easiest ways to gain approval but I still, CW lacks all of it. So here's the recent issue about a patent for bitcoin also known as patent wars. Quote The race to file blockchain patents has accelerated lately with one specific firm, Nchain Holdings, attempting to capture hundreds of distributed ledger-related patents. According to reports, self-proclaimed Satoshi – Craig Wright – and his Nchain business claim to have filed 666 patent applications to date, capturing a gigantic portfolio of intellectual property. His patent application number is 666. [3] Applying for Patent Since there's a lot of countries that use Bitcoin, he must include those countries on the patent application to claim Bitcoin in that country. There's a chance that the BTC will be owned by the other people in the countries you didn't include and having also the same evidence but it's impossible. There are so-called 'patent wars' where people are trying to compete with each other to be the owner of a certain thing because of the profit that will be gain in the market. https://news.bitcoin.com/craig-satoshi-wright-claims-to-have-filed-666-blockchain-patents/ This is CW's patent application and a lot of countries are included in designated states. So it means he controls the ownership on those countries when he obtains the approval of the patent claim. Therefore, Don't be fooled easily by those claimants as SN if they still lack evidence and avoid making false news in the Bitcoin Discussion about CW as SN. References: [1] - https://www.engadget.com/2019/08/27/bitcoin-craig-wright-lawsuit-ruling/ [2] - https://u.today/craig-wright-provides-list-of-16404-bitcoin-btc-addresses-that-contain-95-bln-is-he-real-satoshi?amp [3] - https://news.bitcoin.com/craig-satoshi-wright-claims-to-have-filed-666-blockchain-patents/ original thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5184341.0 the current discussion about CSW: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5217867.0

  • Alternatives Like BTC Becomes Necessary As World Debt Reaches $253 Trillion

    Our debt-ridden world economy continues to stack up more IOUs. According to recent estimates, the global debt is now around $253 trillion or 322% of GDP — a record high that Bitcoin is wagging its finger at. According to a new report, the world economy is based on more debt than ever before — in fact, total world debt now comes out to over 3x global GDP. To read the full article, check it right here If you look at the numbers, it's already record-breaking for world debt. As Bitcoin continues to be recognized and massively adopted worldwide, I just don't know if it's indeed a genuine alternative because of the record-breaking world debt of $253 trillion. What would you think about this guys? Do you honestly think Bitcoin is gonna be the best alternative choice in this situation? I would like to hear more about your reactions or opinion on this one. Cheers!

  • bitcoin 0.1.0 staoshi client

    hi i wonder how was mining  works on first  client   as i see every block rewarded to different wallet address in 2009 so the client generate  multipe  wallets itself when mining starts?  because i see  each block mined has different address how they did even backup private keys?

  • Bought this stuff with Bitcoin, great way for people to become aware of Bitcoin

    If you tell people that you bought stuff in the internet or even in a shop with Bitcoin, people will become aware of Bitcoin, more so if the stuff that you are showing them have value when you bought it with fiat money, what do you think about this?

  • Bitcoin Will Reach $400,000 After Halving, History Dictates

    Much of the conversation around predicting the price of Bitcoin through 2020 and beyond hinges on the effect of the Bitcoin mining reward halving set to take place in May will have. Some believe it will have no effect at all, while others are betting big on this. If history is to be taken into consideration, Bitcoin should reach a new high of $400,000 following the event. Following the first halving in November 2012, Bitcoin’s price increased from a $2.01 bottom to the top of $270.94 – a 13,000 percent increase. The second halving, in July of 2016, saw Bitcoin go from a bottom of $164.01 a top of $20,074 – a similar increase of 12,000 percent. To read the full article, go here Would you actually believe the halving would make this possible? Or is it just another unsure prediction? Look guys, I am not a fan when it comes to predictions. Of course, the analysts can predict all they want. However, there is no such thing as guarantees that $400,000 would actually be an ideal amount after the halving event in May. Not even an all time high of $20,000 would be possible. But I could be wrong too. Who knows? We just have to see if $400,000 per BTC would actually happen after the halving. However, it’s not good enough to save John McAfee’s d***! 

  • Did Elon Musk cause the massive bull-run?

    Funny video, but the guy might actually be onto something... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1oLmr8cZ2g It's not the first time that one of musk's tweets leads to a bull-run... Something to think about...  Thoughts?

  • Can we now confirm that he's Faketoshi.?

    He doesnt have the keys but still telling the court that he will receive it in the future date. What kind of an argument is this.? First it was just the announcement, then it was "I will get the courier" and now this. What else is needed in the court to prove that he is not..? https://decrypt.co/16998/confirmed-craig-wright-doesnt-have-keys-to-8-billion-of-bitcoin

  • Celebrities using Bitcoin today?

    It's been 11 years since Bitcoin's inception, where it has become an extremely popular cryptocurrency used by people worldwide. Many governments, central banks, and even mainstream businesses and companies have become interested in grasping the benefits provided by Bitcoin's Blockchain technology. As a result, we've seen many positive comments from popular figures like John McAfee, Elon Musk, and even Jack Dorsey talking about Bitcoin. However, only a few seem to use it in their daily lives. Imagine someone famous within the mainstream world showing him/herself using Bitcoin in a Hollywood movie or even in public. We may be still far from seeing this become a reality as Bitcoin is still not scalable for the world yet (the Lightning Network is under active development). Maybe after micropayments become viral on the LN, we'll be able to see more celebrities using Bitcoin in public? Average people in the mainstream world would surely use Bitcoin for their daily lives if they see someone famous patronizing the cryptocurrency. Do you think celebrities in the mainstream world are still using Bitcoin for their own benefit? If so, which famous people are deeply into Bitcoin right now? I'd love to see someone like Keanu Reeves, Microsoft's Satya Nadella, or even Apple's Tim Cook using (and patronizing) Bitcoin someday. At such degree, I think Bitcoin would've reached massive adoption within the mainstream world. Thoughts?

  • Is There a Way for Craig to Prove that He is Not Faketoshi ?

    I am wondering, If there is any other way that Craig can prove that he is not Faketoshi ?  He could very easily prove that he is Romulus and sit on the Throne of the Rome to rule the whole Europe. He is very much charismatic. Only he need to change his temperament. In some way I like his idea. But he playing a big role. It does not mater if whether he is real Satoshi or not. He is doing his role to make noise for Bitcoin market development.

  • Craig versus Ira Kleiman of Dave Kleiman Estate ?

    Craig versus Ira Kleiman of Dave Kleiman Estate ? Who is going to be the winner ? I bet 100 BTC If Craig win I will give you BTC100 BTC but if Ira Kleiman win you have give me BTC100 BTC Any one can bet with me. I am Moses, BitcoinMoses - The Bitcoin Prophet. Gambling is sin. Please do not gamble. I am just kidding.

  • Is $1.1 Billion Transaction in Bitcoin That Big of a Deal?

    As it became known, the mysterious party that had transferred 124 946.6 BTC proved to be BitFinex. According to the exchange’s CTO Paolo Ardoino, the transaction was but a part of transferring 150 thousand BTC to the company’s hot wallet. The change of address means that nobody can spend funds stored there until the transaction is fully confirmed. It took 40 minutes to get 6 confirmations in the blockchain. This created the network’s second-biggest address topped only by Huobi’s cold wallet storing 255 502 BTC. Reports state that the transaction fee comprised 0.0096 BTC ($80), which is relatively high. Notably, the transaction data in the blockchain shows a fee of 0.00005578 BTC. For comparison, a SegWit transaction of 40 000 BTC ($230 million at the time) in May 2019 was worth 0.0001 BTC or $0.57. BitFinex’s transaction prompted @Rhythmtrader to praise the “true power of bitcoin” that no bank could match. The transaction in question is, of course, large and noteworthy. But, although everything may seem fine, there are alarming conclusions to make. Why bother? https://forklog.media/is-1-1-billion-transaction-in-bitcoin-that-big-of-a-deal/

  • Remember Hodlonaut?

    https://twitter.com/hodlonaut/status/1217779641957613568 I hope you guys remember him from last year, CSW sued him for defamation, because the 'cat' called him a scammer, damaging his supposedly reputation. Then he put up a bounty of $5k to reveal the person behind the persona. And as per his tweet, the court dismissed the case because of lack of jurisdiction, they are going to Norway, but I think the result will be the same. So it looks like CSW is losing all his battle in the frontline. 

  • Bitcoin sidechains available today?

    Bitcoin sidechains prove to be a great scalability solution that would lose the burden on the main Bitcoin blockchain. New cryptocurrencies can be created in a form of a sidechain, to obtain the security of Bitcoin without sacrificing scalability. This, combined with the Lightning Network, should make Bitcoin a powerful blockchain ecosystem that's capable of withstanding anything along the way. So far, I'm aware of a sidechain called "Liquid" provided by Blockstream which makes use of the main Bitcoin blockchain for security. But I'm on the look for more sidechains that are available on Bitcoin today. If this turns out to become successful, mainstream developers could simply choose to create a sidechain that would become resistant against 51% attacks. There are so many small altcoins out there that could mitigate the risks of external attacks by becoming a Bitcoin sidechain. Any recommendations, or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Price and charts check: coinmarketcap is down (?)

    So about an hour ago, I visited coinmarketcap to see a pleasant surprise with Bitcoin being almost $9k. I always use coinmarketcap.com for such purposes, because it has a lot of data accumulated from various places. Anyway, I refreshed the page just now and what I see is 404 Not Found error! I've never seen this website down before, but I also don't think it's normally 404 when a website's just down, right? I asked a friend to access it, and he got the same thing (but we have the same IP). It's interesting that Google gave me this website which tries to determine whether it's me or the website's down, and it says that coinmarketcap is actually up! So what is it for you, and what do you think it could mean if you also have 404 Not Found on your screen?

  • Advertising Crypto Platforms

    Hi Guys: Can you list down couple websites to advertise Crypto Services (Buying/Selling/Exchanging Crypto) Many thanks for your help Sincerely, Parker

  • Fundamental report on Bitcoin

    Examines the risk and pros and cons of the asset. https://cryptoeq.io/coreReports/bitcoin-abridged

  • Buy Bitcoin with Cash?

    Turning Bitcoin to Cash on Pooldax: Quick and Easy All the processes are done similarly on Pooldax but as an example, let’s use “Buy bitcoin person to person” Buying bitcoin via “person to person” is essentially scheduling a meetup with a vendor and physically continuing the trade in person. To start a trade for Cash in Person, log into your account and click on the “Buy Bitcoin” button. As you can see, there are a lot of details to unpack when it comes to each offer. Here are a few tips that will help you find the best possible offer for you: Check the details of the offer The offer will include a number of details you’ll need to take into account. Keep an eye on the price, or how much bitcoin you’ll be getting per dollar. This is important as each cash to crypto offer can come at a different price. You should also be on the lookout for the offer terms and instructions,they will show what the vendor needs from you in order to complete the trade. Make sure that you can comply with all the terms before initiating a trade. Determine whether or not your potential vendor is reputable Check the reputation (the or beside the vendor’s username), trade volume (how much BTC has gone through the vendor’s account), number of trade partners, and trade history of your potential trade partner. From there, you’ll be able to gauge how safe it is to trade with this vendor. Check the availability of the vendor If the vendor isn’t available when you want to trade, it could cause a lot of problems regarding the status of your funds. Always try to pick someone that has been online recently. Once you have selected the perfect offer for you, click on “View Offer” and you will be taken to an offer page, where you can see more specific details about the offer and initiate a trade with the vendor.

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