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Swiftcoin Now Offers Encrypted Messaging to Users
Bnak's Swiftcoin, the latest innovation in safely and privately sending money across the globe, now helps users combat hacking and spying online with their encrypted messaging tool.
Montevideo, Uruguay (PRWEB) May 29, 2014
People all over the world are changing the way they communicate with each other, especially when it comes to sending private or personal messages. Swiftcoin, the newest form of electronic money, now offers its users encrypted messaging capabilities. With this, they offer people an easy, safe and private alternative to traditional email that is taking the world by storm with over 1 trillion addresses already in use. As Daniel Bruno of SwiftCoin explains, “You put letters inside envelopes, don't you? Well then, doesn't it make sense to encrypt your email? Otherwise it's like sending a postcard – anybody can read it along the way.”
Like Bitcoin, Swiftcoin is electronic money that travels from computer to computer. The transactions are encrypted and anonymous with no central bank or authority to watch over transactions or users. To protect its users, Bnak, the company that created Swiftcoin, acts as an exchange and price guide.
Swiftcoin has taken now their innovative technology and applied to personal messaging, as well, by using 256 bit encryption for both text and attachments with no tutorial required. With military-level encryption technology, Swiftcoin allows users to send messages and attachments without the fear of being spied on or hacked. It also provides its users with the option to change metadata, like sender and receiver address, at will.
Pretty Good Privacy, or PGP, is a data encryption and decryption program that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication, and is often used for sending emails. PGP has long been considered the best encryption software available for use with email, but despite its robustness, PGP is often beaten by hackers, whose teams can read any PGP-encrypted email.
With PGP, private keys must first be exchanged, a textdoc written, then encrypted and sent to the recipient, who must then decrypt it. However, any attachments sent over regular email using PGP remain unencrypted, and therefore susceptible to any attack. Using SwiftCoin, people can write their text, add any attachment and hit send. Everything is 100% encrypted, without the hassle of using a VPN or any subpar encryption program that will not keep out hackers.
It is very easy for anyone to intercept an email on the internet, submit the data for cryptanalysis and quickly crack a regularly encrypted message. This is an especially serious issue for public figures and businesses across the globe. With recent news coming out about Chinese hackers infiltrating U.S. companies, it is clear that no one and nothing is safe. Swiftcoin is here to help.
The unsettling fact is that most people encrypting data and messages aren't using PGP correctly, which mean a lot of people who think their communications are secure are actually very vulnerable. The Chinese possess the means to mount a sophisticated covert campaign against companies all over the world. They can choose from an arsenal of proven methods for cracking PGP-encrypted email or exploiting backdoors, allowing access to everything possible without the company even knowing they’ve been compromised.
Security and convenience have always at odds with each other, but now SwiftCoin has a solution for business and other sensitive communications. By avoiding email altogether with SwiftCoin, there are no headers to give away a person or company’s location or operating system, and SwiftCoin always encrypts attachments. SwiftCoin is quickly becoming the standard in and future of communications.
Many companies have already started using the Swiftcoin system, which has a total net cost of zero dollars, a very cost-effective solution for truly secure communication. Swiftcoin offers those who want to try the service a free download at
About Swiftcoin
Swiftcoin is a revolutionary new kind of money. Like Bitcoin and other Electronic stores of value, Swiftcoin is money that is only exchanged electronically. Swiftcoin provides non-centralized, peer-to-peer, electronic money that is independent of any particular firm, nation or web site (including Bnak). It enables anonymous, direct, encrypted, instantaneous transfer of wealth over time and space at negligible cost. It greatly reduces the need for banks, plastic cards of all sorts, checks, money orders and storefront money transfer businesses. For more information on Swiftcoin, please visit the Swiftcoin website.
About Bnak
Bnak is an over-the-counter exchange where Swiftcoin and Solidus bonds can be bought and sold, and is the creating entity of Swiftcoin. For more information or to register, please visit the Bnak website.