Author Topic: Multibit import error with private key backup. Have I lost my BCC?  (Read 97 times)

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Cheers for reading this.

Before the BCC fork I had my BTC in a multibit wallet. I exported the private keys to an encrypted file. After the fork I moved my BTC to a trezor wallet and am now trying to claim my BCC.

I was expecting to decrypt the txt file and be shown my private keys. I would have done this before moving them but didn't want to risk exposing the keys. I now wish I'd gone the extra mile and checked this file offline. The only option in multibit is to import private keys. When I go through the proceedure for this I get the msg, 'The private keys import failed. The error was "Could not decrypt the input string'. I used keypass (a password manager) to store the password and copied it in from there. This rules out any spelling errors or memory errors with my password.

Do you have any ideas what could be wrong or any other thoughts on how I could recover my private keys/claim my BCC?

Apprecaite any help you can offer,