Author Topic: I'm moderately knowledgeable in cryptocurrency, but now I'm in a rut. What should I learn next?  (Read 128 times)

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So I've been using bitcoin for about almost 3 years. Around six months ago I decided that I was tired of kicking myself for not investing in it and just hodling. So I set out to learn everything I could about cryptocurrency, the blockchain, and altcoin trading. Everything I've learned has been self taught. Now I feel like I need some mentoring, a big brother, an instructor. What should I do next? If anyone answers my post I'll be more specific about what knowledge I already have. I'll give one example: I'm ready to begin learning how to read charts properly. Any good reccomendations for where to begin? I have many other questions but that one is a good example of where I'm at in my journey for crypto-nirvana.

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