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Latest Bitcoin News

  • BitPlay Casino & Sportsbook

    BitPlay Casino & Sportsbook #1 BITCOIN CASINO & SPORTSBOOK! COMING SOON! Enjoy the world’s best online bitcoin casino & sportsbook in the USA by BLVCK DIVMOND. We accept: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin +MORE! (Coming Soon) >>SIGN UP TODAY<< Sign up for our newsletter to get notified of our launch and promo video! Live Bitcoin Casino Jack Pots Slots Table Games BTC Games Poker Black Jack + MORE! >>SIGN UP TODAY<< Sign up for our newsletter to get notified of our launch and promo video!

  • Was My Desktop Wallet Hacked?

    So, this past weekend I decided to send some BTC over to Gemini to withdraw and trade into Ethereum. This was this past Saturday night, December 9th. I access my desktop remotely via Teamviewer to get the coins out of my desktop wallet and sent over. The transaction completed successfully, I had to input my wallet password for each transaction for a total of two transactions for two bitcoin sent to Gemini at a rate of one each. When I came home after the weekend away from my desktop, which I kept running and no-one home at the time, I notice that my remaining balance was gone!? I checked the address the BTC was held which is 1AUyoMFrcjo4DybZiS2nZn6M4P5NfDsxho, https://blockchain.info/address/1AUyoMFrcjo4DybZiS2nZn6M4P5NfDsxho, and noticed that in the same block the remainder of my BTC was sent to https://blockchain.info/address/1Lmdg8LLBG8gK9QU7WZHDmVoupV9UF2y7G and partially to https://blockchain.info/address/1Kt4GBMumvH1vzKygeJuSixTQJLoJvA2d4 in another block, which I did not initiate!!! How could this have happened! I have heard of keyloggers/trojan horses in the past?? Is there something I am missing here or did my BTC get stolen? Any help or understanding would be appreciated. Sincerely, Rapture333

  • What is the craziest thing you have ever done while trying to invest on crypto

    I sold my TV  

  • ICO MASTER: profitable investment project

    Hello investor's....Today i will be making a review of a new investment site called ico-master.com....,Its a new mid term hyip investment program active from 2017-12-12. This project is managed by a good and reliable administration Team. ICO-MASTER provide partners with an exclusive opportunity to work in the system, both in USD and in Bitcoin. Receive income in the monetary unit in which the investment was made. There are three inside accounts in the system: USD account (accruals are made only in dollar equivalent); The account in crypto-currency Bitcoin (accruals are made only in BTC equivalent); Bonus account (accruals are made from bounty programs for work in the system) The system provides for several directions of investment and a lot of tariff components, on below there is the detail. TARIFF TYPE: BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOP - Participation in the development of blockchain projects - the investment of development with the further receipt of tokens during the ICO. DESCRIPTION: ChinaPRO COST: 10 USD or Ƀ 0.001 TERMS: 0.9%/day for 20 days YIELD: $ 11.8 or Ƀ 0.00118 DESCRIPTION: IndefCorp COST: 50 USD or Ƀ 0.005 TERMS: 0.7%/day for 10 days YIELD: $ 53.5 or Ƀ 0.00535 DESCRIPTION: PlIn TERMS: 0.8%/day for 15 days YIELD: $ 112 or Ƀ 0.0112 TARIFF TYPE: PRE ICO - Participation in pre-ICO startups of various cryptocurrencies and the purchase of pervektive tokens according to our insider information. DESCRIPTION: SccS COST: 150 USD or Ƀ 0.015 TERMS: 4.1%/day for 30 days YIELD: $ 184.50 or Ƀ 0.01845 DESCRIPTION: ComBy COST: 500 USD for Ƀ 0.05 TERMS: 4.2%/day for 33 days YIELD: $ 693.00 or Ƀ 0.0693 DESCRIPTION: Goldrex COST: 1490 USD or Ƀ 0.1 TERMS: 4.3%/day for 35 days YIELD: $ 2,242.45 or Ƀ 0.1505 TARIFF TYPE: VIP (advertise) - Investing in advertising companies of startups of cryptocurrencies in return for their tokens on special terms for our partners. DESCRIPTION: Silver COST: 5000 USD for Ƀ 0.5 TERMS: 4.5%/day for 45 days YIELD: $ 10,125.00 or Ƀ 1.0125 DESCRIPTION: Gold COST: 8000 USD or Ƀ 0.7 TERMS: 4.5%/day for 50 days YIELD: $ 18,000.00 or Ƀ 1.575 Benefits of the project EXPERIENCE IN ICO Our team studies the ICO sphere from the very beginning, and we are able to recognize promising projects, and also to screen out unjustifiably risky proposals. PROFESSIONAL TEAM Our experts analyze in detail each startup for investment, evaluating its potential in the smallest detail. The task is to minimize all possible risks. INSIDE INFORMATION We have the opportunity to receive information that is not available to an ordinary investor, in this regard, the quality of our evaluation of the prospects for new coins greatly increases. ADVANCED ANALYTICS We thoroughly study all the characteristics of the project, how realistic the goals are, how positive the team's reputation is and how valuable tokens will be after the implementation of the ICO. Additional Information: ➤ Min deposit - 10 $ or 0,001 BTC; ➤ Min amount for withdrawal: 0.1 $ or 0.003 BTC; ➤ Payment systems (EPS):  Payeer ,  Perfect Money , Advcash ,  Bitcoin , Ethereum , LiteCoin, Bitcoin Cash ; ➤ Type of payments: manual (up to 48 hours); ➤ Affiliate program: 6% -3% -1% -1% -1%; ➤ Languages: English, Russian; ➤ Project start: December 13, 2017 To add more light to this project u can also earn without investment simply by participating in the bounty program..  To register click here https://ico-master.com/?ref=okechukwu ..Also remember that this is an hyip so invest what u can lose visite here to get more info http://ico-master.com

  • slushpool with cgminer

    Hi I'm trying pool mine with slush pool. I am very new to this and am stuck. Below is my cgminer conf, ive also run cgminer -T and it comes up with the error - need to specify at least on pool server pool setup failed. can anyone help. Ive also blocked out my user and password for privacy { "pools" : [    {       "url" : "stratum+tcp://stratum.slushpool.com:3333",       "user" : "xxxxxxxxxxxx",       "pass" : "xxxxxxxxxxxx" } ] , "intensity" : "13", "vectors" : "1", "worksize" : "256", "kernel" : "scrypt", "lookup-gap" : "2", "thread-concurrency" : "8192", "shaders" : "2048,", "gpu-engine" : "0-0", "gpu-fan" : "0", "gpu-memclock" : "0", "gpu-memdiff" : "0", "gpu-powertune" : "0", "gpu-vddc" : "0.000", "temp-cutoff" : "75", "temp-overheat" : "85", "temp-target" : "65", "api-port" : "4028", "expiry" : "120", "gpu-dyninterval" : "7", "gpu-platform" : "0", "gpu-threads" : "2", "hotplug" : "5", "log" : "5", "no-pool-disable" : "true", "queue" : "1", "scan-time" : "60", "scrypt" : "true", "temp-hysteresis" : "3", "shares" : "0", "kernel-path" : "/usr/local/bin"

  • What site to generate cold wallet?

    Hi Bitcointalk, I am new and just recently bought a bitcoin. Right now I have it in blockchain.info wallet but im so sure if I can trust that site. I plan to go cold storage  but not so sure where to begin. As a nervous newbie I have some questions: 1. I read somewhere on the  internet that  bitaddress.org is where I need to get my private key and wallet but I'm not sure if what I read was trustworthy source so I decided to ask this community. If bitaddress.org is not legit then can someone please direct me to a legit site to get my cold storage key? 2. Is it correct that for cold storage there's no public key but only a private key and a wallet address? 3. Is brain wallet (in bitaddress.org) pretty much like block chain.info where there's a 12 word passphrase I can use in case I forget my private key? Sorry if this is too much info to ask for or if I sound like a dummy but I'd love to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

  • What do you think about the Price and a bubble? *Your Opinion*

    Hello some days are left then the year 2017 will be past. A great year for the bitcoin. Do you think there will be a drop at the beginning of 2018 or do you think sky is the limit  ( or even the moon? ) Do you think the bubble will blast at 2018 if yes what the reason you think that way? i want to collect opinions , to think outside the box. thank you

  • Do Altcoins really have a future?

    I believe Bitcoin has a future in long term. It proved itself in the past years and it is getting widely popular. It just has a transaction fee problem atm. What about the altcoins? Who does use them for real? Will people use them in the future for real purpose? I only have a hope for ethereum and litecoin, but not for the rest. I am not even sure for eth and ltc. If bitcoin solves the reansaction fee and time problem, I doubt eth and ltc even have a future.

  • Withdrawing High Amounts

    Hey everyone, I've been wondering... We probably all have bitcoins or altcoins (or both) kept in a wallet. The daily withdraw limit of the wallets I'm using are around 25,000 Dollars. What if you have for example a million worth of bitcoins, then you can't withdraw it all at once. Then how do you withdraw a very big amount of money to your bank account when you only have a very limited withdraw amount per day? (unfortunately I'm not owning cryptocurrencies worth a million, I'm just wondering )

  • This coin is the same like Bitcoin?

    I the past days it is a new ICO for sale that say it is like Bitcoin and not only that it will be more faster. The Token name is  TokenPay /2o53xT1]http://[Suspicious link removed]/2o53xT1 and it is for sale from one week. I will like to know if it is  a scam or if someone know something about this Coin.

  • Best market

    Hey guys, Whats the best market if i want to keep bitcoins in for long term?

  • A well-planned budget

    Most projects are very stupid in planning their budget. I know this because I studied the planning of finances in various organizations. So almost all the mining projects surprised me unpleasantly. They don`t know how to allocate their budget, they don`t take risks into account, some of them don`t even have a reserve fund, but the market`s very unstable. Among all that I have learned, perhaps only one project`s worthy of praise, this is MinigNow. Those who are interested, check a diagram on their website: https://miningnow.online/ru/. There everything is detailed, there`s a reserve fund, part of the profit goes to the generation of capacities and maintenance of technical equipment. I was glad that everything was in the public domain (some organizations deliberately hide their budget allocation, they shouldn`t be used at all, it looks too suspicious). Although I'm a mining freshman, I get when the budget`s distributed correctly and the information`s publicly available - it proves the reliability of MNW.

  • Now that BITCOIN hits the 18K$ USD LEVEL.... When will this GIANT BUBBLE burst?

    In your own words, why do you think BITCOIN is about to burst? Or, at which level it will burst?

  • Better Late than Never?

      I couldn't wait any longer and jumping into cryptocurrency pretty late. I understand I have invested at the high end as of late, but with the rapid growth over the last several weeks I would be a fool not to jump in. What are the predictions of the bubble before it bursts and drops back down? Also, I imagine it should become my goal, as an investor, to actually use the bitcoin for what it was created to do. Peer to Peer purchasing in a free market, not relying on the banks or 3rd party taking their cut. Where can I begin actually using bitcoin to purchase normal household items?

  • Light Coin up 333% from 5 days ago/ Coinbase issues

    Anyone else experience slow lag time on Coinbase today?  Said they are adding 100,000 per day right now!!!!

  • New site listing forks and airdrops with dividends to Bitcoin owners

    I have been working on a simple site where one can view available altcoin balance on any Bitcoin address. It only works for Bitcoin Gold and Cash right now but I intend to extend on that. I've also compiled a list of over 20 altcoins that gives some sort of dividends to Bitcoin owners, either via airdrops or chain forks. I hope it can be of some use: http://btcdiv.com

  • Why are they afraid of bitcoin?

    Every student of the political economy who understands the style of the work of the technique of Blockchain and Bitcoin BTC will be absolutely sure that the next alternative to the classical system is the digital currencies, which by their characteristics (speed - privacy - lack of costs - decentralization of the system ...) The foundations of political economy in all its schools, from Aristotle and Ibn Khaldun to Marx, Adam Smith and Keynes and finally with Friedman. These scholars, who laid the foundations of economic thought through money supply, can control the economy of countries and their economic policy. In my opinion, Noble In the economy of this great invention that will change humanity and will throw our lives upside down in so-called Internet value ..........

  • Bitcoin in Africa is profitable than anywhere else!

    I am of the thinking that if you are in Africa you can definitely profit more from bitcoins and other altcoins. The cost of electricity is very lower in Africa.. In many places the monthly cost of electricity is less than under a dollar Could this make one to get the best of bitcoins... Salute to you all...am new here

  • Questions about transaction fees?

    was reading about transaction fees at https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Transaction_fee and am still wondering a few things about them. I see something about Quote If the blocksize (size of all transactions currently waiting to be included in a block) is less than 27 kB, transactions are free. No idea what the current blocksize is? How do you find this out? have any transaction fees been paid/collected to date? or have all the transactions so far been fee free? if so what sort of amount has been paid in btc for transaction fees? any predictions for when transactions fees will start to be regularly be paid? Am I correct in thinking that the miner who sloves the block gets the 50BTC + all the transaction fees for that block? Any predictions when the typical transaction fee would be ~1,5,10,..BTC per block. any good posts on this topic. thanks

  • Taxes must be crazy now

    Say I have a bitcoin that was worth $20.00 4 or 5 years ago. Say I cash it in (no idea how) and I get $20K so technically I've made a bigger than huge profit. How much of that would I have to pay in California and Federal taxes?

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